• Prof. Diman Dimanov

    My heartfelt thanks to the HBO center team for the precise execution of the prescribed procedures and their attention to the patients. Best wishes for bright Christmas and New Year holidays. 

    Sincerely your patient, Prof. Diman Dimanov

    05.12.2017  Stara Zagora

  • Tanka Vasileva

    I visited the center on the recommendation of my relatives and I am very delighted with Dr. Ivanova's examination, her recommendations and careful listening. The atmosphere during procedures is at the highest level. Cleanliness, pleasant music and perfect service. I hope this will remain in the years to come. The politeness is at the highest level. Praise to the entire team!

    Stara Zagora


  • Minchevi family – Stara Zagora

    Thank you with all my heart! 

    Finally, the average Bulgarian pensioner can be served in this super modern center equipped with advanced rehabilitation devices. But most of all, we are very pleased with all the rehabilitators working here - smiling, attentive, polite, and also with Dr. Ivanova's professional attitude. It’s great that we have you, young people! Aspire to even more professionalism to help us, your patients. Good luck and thank you so much for your work!!!


  • Mariana Hristova –Stara Zagora, 05 Oct 2017

    I was extremely pleased to be among these wonderful people. Thank you!

  • Penka Koleva – Stara Zagora

    We visited and took advantage of the services offered by your center. We were very pleased with the young and patient staff. They’re always smiling, careful and very good specialists. If need be, we will always visit the HBO Center.

    31.08.2017, Stara Zagora

  • Kalina Ilieva – Stara Zagora

    I am delighted to express my admiration for the exceptionally polite service, the diligence of the staff to relieve my pain, the politeness and competence of the medical workers, the strict adherence to the length of procedures, cleanliness and good order at your center. I cannot forget the attentive attitude of Dr. Ivanova, who not only performed a professional examination and talked to me about my health issues, but even visited me during the procedures and showed interest in my current state. I am very grateful to the entire team, wishing for a lot of good health, personal happiness and continuing to maintain the European standard of the HBO center.

    Stara Zagora - 2017

  • Minka Miteva - Stara Zagora

    It’s the first time I’ve been to your center. I am delighted with the perfect combination of a pleasant atmosphere and excellent service. To the whole team of employees, my wish for you is that nature gives you one of its most valuable  riches - health. 


  • Donka and Dimitar Dimitrovi – Stara Zagora

    Thanks to the entire team and especially to Dr. Ivanova for the professionalism and humane approach to us. We wish you good health and happiness, and may you be with us for many years!


  • Zlatitsa Nikolova – Stara Zagora

    Thanks to the entire HBO team for their professional attitude to me. The whole team is very humane and attentive. I wish them a lot of professional and financial success. May it operate for many years for there to be a place for us to be cured!

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  • Petya Marova-town of Yambol

    It's nice to have you! I'm glad I found you! Thanks for the kind attitude, understanding and professional approach. I wish you a lot of success!

  • Stanislava Akova - Stara Zagora

    OK, let's call them professionals. I will not apologize for breaking their glorious professionalism. How? Easily, ... listen to our background ... It was a hot Friday noon in May. Then for the first time I saw the person behind the name Tsvyatko Boyadzhiev. We were sitting in the corridor with my son and my husband and we could hear a passionate phone conversation ... last preparations for the upcoming inauguration. Suddenly, the door opened and I saw big blue eyes and a very normal and ordinary man. We talked about 10 min., then we were given a mask and a helmet - "Look at what he will get used to, what he will accept ..." – Boyadzhiev said - "and come on Monday for a consultation with the doctor". OK, said and done ... first diving attempt ... a total nightmare. Cry, tears, hysteria .... me standing outside, my son and my husband inside. I couldn't take more ... I terminated the session. I left desperate, frightened, crushed. That same day my phone rang and a female voice introducing herself as Atanasova from the HBO Center gave me the telephone number of a psychologist to help us for our Diamond to overcome fear. So it started .....for a whole week we went there for my son to see whether Rosi, Gerry, Alex, Joro, Stoyan, Krasi, Tsetso and Tsoncheto were there, what they were doing... were they OK ... ..a whole week. The result ... my son felt secure and loved there.29.05. - We SUCCEEDED - first and successful immersion. An hour and 10 minutes, my heart was going to jump out of my chest,   I was sitting with them in the hall watching the monitors –was he breathing, was he calm? The effect - 40 immersions, 40 times I was dying every day for an hour and 10 minutes, 40 days my son was going to uncle Tsetso, Krasi ....... etc. Even today, when we go to the playground, my son starts for HBO and looks for his helmet bag. You decide if it's just professionalism, I'll stop here...

  • Ivelina Ivanova -town of Radnevo

    There are professionals and professionals with hearts. The HBO Medical Support Center team belongs to the second type. You made our visits to you a real pleasure. We felt like your close friends.
    Thank you for being part of our lives!
    We are looking forward to our next meetings
    Your friends - Didko, Ivka and Vanko.

  • Boryana Boneva - town of Kazanlak

    Many parents are hesitant about starting treatment in a hyperbaric chamber, if the child will get used to it, etc. I just want to tell you that after I heard the word „MUM"... from my son quite purposefully after the first series of procedures ... There is NO power in this world that would make me stop the therapy.

    Sincere and heartfelt thanks to the entire team of „HBO Medical Support Center", for their responsiveness and professionalism, for the genuine human emotions. You cannot imagine what role you played in our lives ... I wish each one of you a lot of health and countless reasons to smile. Also, a lot of professional success and more and more happy children and parents!

    Thanks for having you!

    Boris § Boryana

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