Physiotherapy and rehabilitation with new -generation equipment

Physiotherapy is a branch of medicine that has been used for treatment since ancient times. The first evidence of physiotherapeutic treatment dates back to 3000 years ago, with the use of natural factors - mineral water, sun baths, healing mud, lye, etc. Since the middle of the last century, the use of natural factors has been combined with preformed ones. Preformed factors include: magnetic field, electrotherapy, ultrasound treatment, laser therapy, light therapy, etc. Physical therapy has various therapeutic effects – analgesic, spasmolytic, activation or normalization of blood and lymph circulation, improvement of biological membranes permeability, metabolism, nervous system functioning. The therapy mainly aims to prevent and reduce the pain, and it is also applied for prophylactic purposes. Treatment courses are long (7-10 days on the average), and include mostly several procedures a day.

HBO Medical Support Center has the most modern physiotherapy and rehabilitation room in Stara Zagora, equipped with new, cutting-edge equipment. The variety of electrotherapeutic procedures combined with the high level of professionalism of medical specialists strive for maximum therapeutic effect, strictly individual for each patient.

Schedule an appointment for physiotherapy and rehabilitation by calling:: 042 230 155 and 0879 322 190 or at the following address: 19, Dr Todor Stoyanovich Str, Stara Zagora.

Prices for February

Examination for physiotherapy20.00 BGN
Low-frequency pulsed magnetic field (LFPMF)4.00 BGN
Low Frequency Currents (LFC)4.00 BGN
Medium Frequency Currents (MFC)4.00 BGN
Electrostimulation (ES)5.00 BGN
Ultrasound (US)4.00 BGN
Laser therapy - Scanning (LT)8.00 BGN
Laser therapy - puncture (LT)10.00 BGN
Cryotherapy (CrT)3.00 BGN
Heat therapy 3.00 BGN
Vacuum therapy4.00 BGN
Lye compress4.00 BGN
Electrophoresis with lye4.00 BGN
Remedial physical training (RPT)9.00 BGN
Physiotherapy Gel 1.00 BGN
One-day physical procedures package - 3 types of procedures10.00 BGN
Physical procedures package - 7 days - 3 types of procedures63.00 BGN
Magnetic therapy package + lye compress - 5 procedures35.00 BGN
The following types of electrotherapy are performed in the center:
  • Wireless Electrical Stimulation

    Wireless Electrical Stimulation

    Electrical stimulation (Electrostimulation) is a method in which muscle contraction is induced by transformed, most often low-frequency, electrical currents.

  • Vacuum therapy and Intervac

    Vacuum therapy and Intervac

    Vacuum therapy is a method in physiotherapy treatment, thanks to which the vacuum created on the human body is used to improve the microcirculation and to reduce inflammatory processes.

  • Ultrasound therapy

    Ultrasound therapy

    Ultrasound therapy is widely applicable in modern physiotherapy treatment. The therapy has mainly analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect

  • Sollux/ Quartz

    Sollux/ Quartz

    Light therapy is a therapeutic and prophylactic application of infrared (IR), visible light (VL) and ultraviolet (UV) rays both from the sun and from artificial sources - sollux and mercury quartz lamps. The transformation of the IR and VL rays energy in

  • Magnetic therapy

    Magnetic therapy

    A method by which a magnetic field is created in the areas of the emitter and through it organs and systems are influenced reflectively.

  • Iontophoresis


    Iontophoresis is a method of treatment which uses a direct galvanic current. This method is used to accelerate metabolism, improve tissue trophicity, boost cellular metabolism, improve blood circulation.

  • Interferential currents

    Interferential currents

    The interference current has a beneficial effect on peripheral circulation and tissue metabolism, which creates conditions for anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory effects.

  • Electrostimulation


    Electrostimulation is a method in which muscle contraction is induced by transformed, often low-frequency, electrical currents.

  • Diadynamic currents

    Diadynamic currents

    Diadynamic currents are low-frequency currents that have pain-relieving and vasodilating effects.