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The expertise of the temporary incapacity for work. The general MAC has a permanent staff and includes three specialists: neurologist (neurosurgeon), surgeon (orthopedist) and chairman - a specialist in internal medicine with at least 5 years of experience; the general MAC does not consider the cases of mental and eye diseases and the care and accompaniment of children up to 16 years of age, which are considered by the respective specialized MAC; all three specialists participate in the meetings of the general MAC; The Medical Advisory Committee certifies the persons:
1. for extension of leave for temporary incapacity for work over 14 days for one or more diseases without interruption;
2. for employment for more than one month;
3. for supply with medical devices, aids and equipment - this is for the specialized MAC
4. for professional orientation;
5. whose sick leaves have been issued individually and have been appealed;
6. when they have filed a complaint against the attending physician (dentist) on the occasion of incorrect assessment of their working capacity and refusal to issue a medical certificate;
7. for preparation of documents and referral to the TEMC in case of previous temporary incapacity for work;
8. (amended, SG No. 55 2014) for carrying out an assessment under Art. 3, para. 6 and issuance of a "Medical Certificate" according to a model approved by the Minister of Health and by the Minister of Justice;
9. for preparation of documents according to other normative acts.