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Oxidizing facial therapy in hyperbaric chamber with lifting effect

What is oxidizing facial therapy in hyperbaric chamber with lifting effect?

The oxidizing facial therapy is a maximum efficient lifting therapy combining three simultaneously acting factors. Namely - the use of a dedicated, high-performance facial product, combined with the proven properties of the hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) - pure oxygen and high pressure.

The method available in НВО Medical Support Center  aims to achieve maximum efficient lifting effect - guaranteed and for a short time. This is done through a specially designed method, in which a layer of high-performance facial product of the highest class is applied in two steps on the face skin. The cream contains special ingredients of proven quality. Among them are golden particles, the effect of which is undeniable and described in many studies. It is produced by a leading European company, clinically tested and possessing all quality certificates.

The product is suitable for all skin types!  

The main effect of the cream is expressed in increase of the cellular metabolism, improving the recovery functions of the skin, enhancing elasticity and stimulating the production of collagen. This improves the trophic of the facial skin.

To maximize the effect, we, at HBO Medical Support Center make use of the efficiency of two more factors - oxygenation of the face skin across its entire surface with 100% pure oxygen and the favorable influence of pressure (higher than atmospheric). This helps to better absorb the ingredients of the product and their 100% penetration into the skin. Oxygen interaction with the gold particles results in a lifting effect that is noticeable in 2-3 procedures. The duration of the procedure is 1hr.10min.

Over time, skin loses its elasticity. The therapy is suitable for anyone who, at their own discretion, needs to tone the skin and achieve a lifting effect.


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