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Bioprton Medical Light Therapy is recognized as a unique method of treating various medical conditions

Based on innovative and revolutionary achievements, a highly qualified team of world-renowned experts and scientists in collaboration with our Swiss laboratory developed the Bioptron light therapy system - a group of clinically tested, proven and certified light therapy devices. Bioptron technology is adopted as a unique form of therapy prevention, treatment and recovery of a number of medical conditions and health problems:

  • pain relief
  • wound healing
  • skin diseases - dermatological and skin problems
  • seasonal affective disorders
  • mental disorders
  • pediatrics
  • dental Medicine
  • anti-aging

Bioptron light stimulates and strengthens the body's natural restorative forces. It rejuvenates the body, restoring its natural ability to heal itself and helps us maintain optimal health, has a long-lasting beneficial effect on human health and well-being.

Hyperpolarized light Bioptron affects cell structures at the quantum level and achieves significant therapeutic results

The C60 nanophotonic filter converts polarized light into hyperpolarized Bioptron light, which acts at the quantum level to help balance the immune system for longer life and better health. This light therapy is effective, painless, safe and easy to use. prestigious hospitals, sports and spa centers around the world for patients suffering from various diseases:

  • faster wound healing
  • dilation of blood vessels
  • increased access to oxygen and nutrients, reduces swelling in the affected areas
  • reduction of pain in recovery from sports injuries and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • arthritis and neuropathy
  • Main therapeutic results:

1. Stimulation of the processes of self-healing of the tissues and prevention of the damage of the tissues / even those located at greater depth, such as tendons, nerves, bones, internal organs /.

  • regulation of cell proliferation
  • increased cellular energy
  • separation of growth factors
  • excellent neovascularization and improved angiogenesis
  • significant improvement in the quality of the newly formed scar tissue

2. Stimulation of the body's natural defenses

  • destruction of pathogenic microorganisms / bacteria in acne, skin infections - herpes zoster and herpes simplex /
  • neutrophil activation
  • stimulating natural killer cells

3. Significantly reduces the sensation of pain

  • reduces swelling and inflammation
  • improves microcirculation
  • reduces muscle spasms
  • activation of natural analgesic processes

4. Thermosensory and optosensory stimulation

Bioptron light therapy has sensory and neural effects and can reduce the symptoms of seasonal affective depressive disorders and depressive states. The sensation of sunlight caused in the sensory organs / skin, eyes / is of great importance for the regulation of circadian rhythms. Medical light therapy Bioptron visible spectrum of light / without UV and part of the infrared rays / with an intensity over 10000 lux. This type of light therapy is used successfully in veterinary medicine.

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