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Tekar therapy

Tekar therapy follows the principle of high-frequency electromagnetic energy, for the application of which the highest-class equipment is used produced by a leading company — European market manufacturer. With the help of special electrodes and specially developed methodologies, endogenous heat is formed in the treated area, which in turn contributes to the immediate reduction of the pain symptoms, relaxation of the muscle tissue, acceleration of the healing process, improvement of blood and lymph circulation in the treated area, and better tendon elasticity.

Tekar therapy is suitable for use in a variety of conditions such as : 

  •  Achilles tendon pathology
  •  Rheumatoid arthritis
  •  Arthrosis diseases (Coxarthrosis, Gonarthrosis)
  •  Epicondylitis 
  •  Frozen shoulder 
  •  Cervico-brachial syndrome 
  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome 
  •  Bekhterev's disease
  •  Heel spur 
  •  Lumbosacral syndrome 
  •  Tendinitis, Tendovaginitis
  •  Muscle regeneration 
  •  Muscle relaxation 
  •  Hip pain
  •  Pain in the foot joints 
  •  Back and lower back pain 
  •  Impingement Syndrome 
  •  Treatment of painful points 
  •  Dupuytren's contracture
  •  Myalgia  

Schedule an appointment for Tekar therapy in Stara Zagora by calling: 042 230 155 and 0879 322 190 or at the following address: 19, Dr. Todor Stoyanovich Str.

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