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The SHOCKWAVE THERAPY is a topical therapy that applies pneumatically-generated shockwaves on and around the place of inflammation or pain, using a device of the latest generation of a leading European — manufacturing company.

SHOCKWAVE THERAPY is applicable for adults and children, and is suitable for application in the presence of inflammatory diseases in the body, pain syndrome, positively affects the reduction of tissue resistance, reduces the spastically increased muscle tone, aids the healing and regeneration process.

At a cellular level, the permeability of the cell membrane is enhanced and cell division is stimulated. The production of muscle and tendon cells is stimulated. Blood and lymph flow are improved. Collagen production is improved, inflammation and tissue tension are reduced.

SHOCKWAVE THERAPY can be administered both in pure form with a contact cream and with a drug at the choice of the patient or at the physician’s discretion.


 SHOCKWAVE THERAPY is used for: 

  •  Muscle cramps
  •  Plantar fasciitis
  •  Heel spur
  •  Inflammation and calcification of shoulder tendons
  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome
  •  Spurs of the small joints of the hands due to arthritis Grade 1 
  •  Gonarthrosis 
  •  Muscular spasticity
  •  Muscle relaxation 
  •  Muscle strain
  •   Iliotibial tract pain
  •  Groin pain 
  •  Pain in damaged tendons (tendovaginitis, insertionitis) 
  •  Wrist pain 
  •  Lower back pain 
  •  Shoulder pain 
  •  Pseudoarthrosis
  •  Radial/ulnar epicondylitis
  •  Pain in the sacroiliac joints
  •  Tendinopathy, tendinitis
  •  Bekhterev’s disease
  •  Acupuncture 
  •  Achilles tendon pain 
  •  Pain in the painful muscle points


Schedule an appointment for SHOCKWAVE therapy in Stara Zagora by calling: 042 230 155 and 0879 322 190 or at the following address: 19, Dr. Todor Stoyanovich Str.

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SHOCKWAVE therapy - 1 treatment area for adults
14.00 лв.
SHOCKWAVE therapy - 1 treatment area for children under 16
12.00 лв.
SHOCKWAVE therapy - each additional area for children under 16
10.00 лв.
SHOCKWAVE therapy–in urological diseases (prostatitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia)
20.00 лв.
Х-WAVE therapy- An anti-cellulite program package for 1 treatment area with a total of 6 procedures
60.00 лв.
X-WAVE therapy – An anti-cellulite procedure for 1 treatment area
14.00 лв.
X-WAVE therapy- Reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue in abdominal area in men
14.00 лв.
Package program for reduction of subcutaneous fat tissue in abdominal area in men with a total of 6 procedures
60.00 лв.