About the Center

HBO Medical Support Center is a newly opened center with a renovated building, located in the courtyard of the district hospital - Multiprofile Hospital for Active Treatment „“Prof. Dr Stoyan Kirkovich”“ Stara Zagora. The center is equipped with a state-of-the-art hyperbaric chamberphysiotherapy and rehabilitation rooms. For maximum patient convenience, the center operates 7 days a week, with opening hours from 8:00 am to 06:00 pm. You can easily schedule an appointment both by calling the phones listed here and by using the facebook page. The center operates in the following areas: private patients, patients under the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) and private health funds.

The physiotherapy sector is supplied with equipment from leading Bulgarian and European manufacturers. Examinations and consultations are performed by a highly experienced physician -physiotherapist.

HBO Medical Support Center offers an innovative therapeutic method for the region and the country in a high-end hyperbaric chamber. The chamber has a length of 6 meters and a maximum working pressure of up to 5 bar. Inside, it is equipped with 8 wide and comfortable seats, and for additional comfort, a screen that allows you to watch a movie or listen to music is installed. Procedures are prescribed by a qualified physician after  a medical examination. Each oxygen therapy session is performed under the supervision of certified specialists.

The modern equipment, as well as the highly qualified medical staff, allow for HBO Medical Support Center to claim a medical establishment that has reached European standards.

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We visited and took advantage of the services offered by your center. We were very pleased with the young and patient staff. They’re always smiling, careful, and very good specialists. If need be, we will always visit the HBO Center.

Penka Koleva – Stara Zagora

I was extremely pleased to be among these wonderful people. Thank you!

Mariana Hristova –Stara Zagora

Thank you with all my heart!

Finally, the average Bulgarian pensioner can be served in this super modern center equipped with advanced rehabilitation devices. But most of all, we are very pleased with all the rehabilitators working here - smiling, attentive, polite, and also with Dr. Ivanova's professional attitude. It’s great that we have you, young people! Aspire to even more professionalism to help us, your patients. Good luck and thank you so much for your work!!!

Minchevi family – Stara Zagora

I visited the center on the recommendation of my relatives and I am very delighted with Dr. Ivanova's examination, her recommendations and careful listening. The atmosphere during procedures is at the highest level. Cleanliness, pleasant music and perfect service. I hope this will remain in the years to come. The politeness is at the highest level. Praise to the entire team!

Tanka Vasileva

My heartfelt thanks to the HBO center team for the precise execution of the prescribed procedures and their attention to the patients. Best wishes for bright Christmas and New Year holidays.

Sincerely your patient, Prof. Diman Dimanov

Prof. Diman Dimanov