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Wireless Electrical Stimulation

Electrical stimulation (Electrostimulation) is a method in which muscle contraction is induced by transformed, most often low-frequency, electrical currents. Electrical stimulation is applied to listless and weakened muscles as a result of post-fracture conditions, sports injuries, long-term immobilization, diseases of the peripheral nervous system. Through electrical stimulation improvement of blood circulation and trophicity of the muscles is achieved, the action of the enzyme systems is stimulated, the amount of glycogen in muscles is increased, the overall muscular tone is improved.

 Thanks to this innovative device of the American company "Chattanooga", by adhesive electrodes, the use of cables is avoided, making the device much more convenient and easy to carry. This allows us to combine electrical stimulation with remedial gymnastics for better response and quick results.


 Schedule an appointment for electrical stimulation in Stara Zagora by calling: 042 230 155 and 0879 322 190 or at the following address: 19, Dr. Todor Stoyanovich Str.




Electrical stimulation with point electrode-   9.00 BGN

Electrical stimulation with wireless electrodes-   7.00 BGN

Adhesive electrodes-   2.00 BGN

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