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A method for introducing injection collagen by electromagnetic resonance /the effect of two fields - magnetic and biophoton – are superimposed/. Unlike pure magnetic phoresis, the effect of biophoton influence is also used through the technological specificity of the device. In this way, greater depth of penetration of the Guna collagen into joints and tissues /up to 3 cm/ is achieved and the injection method of administering the substance is avoided.

Collagen is the most widespread protein in the human body, and one with the largest structure. Inserting it through other equipment /e.g. Ultrasound/ may destroy its delicate molecule, thus making the GunaPhoresis device a unique one. The intake of collagen through various oral forms does not guarantee its complete digestion in the gastrointestinal tract and the corresponding accumulation in the desired /painful, pathological/ area. Collagen is necessary for the proper functioning of all tissues from the human joint and muscle system /muscles, cartilage, tendons, fascia, bones/, as well as the strength and elasticity of the skin and subskin. Collagen strengthens and fortifies the collagen matrix in cartilage, tendons, muscles, and joint capsules, thus reducing the pain, swelling and deficiency of movements in the affected area. It increases hydration and elasticity of the skin.

We have 13 types of high quality Italian collagen in the form of vials. They are specific for each area of treatment and correspond with the purpose of the therapeutic program. They can also be injected – peri- and intra-articular.

GunaPhoresis is used for:

  • Osteoarthrosis with different localization /knee, hip joint, shoulder joint, small joints of the arm, feet and spine/.
  • Traumatic and inflammatory lesions of muscles, tendons and fascia /insertionitis, epicondylitis, shoulder periarthritis, tendinitis, ligamentitis, muscle injuries, muscle pain points/.
  • Pain in the waist, chest and cervical spine, with discogenic, muscular or neurological origin.
  • Medical cosmetics: cicatrices, fresh stretch marks, cellulite, wrinkles, etc.

Advantages of GunaPhoresis:

  • Use of collagen in the painful area or cosmetic defect;
  • High level of penetration of the drug ;
  • No thermal and electrical effects;
  • Painless method of therapy;
  • No side effects;
  • Physiological mode of action on the pathological process, with long-term pain response.

The duration of the therapy is individual, in compliance with the underlying disease and the symptoms.


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