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Interferential currents

In a number of injuries, treatment with medium frequency interferential currents is performed. The interferential current is formed by the difference between two mid-frequency modulated currents resulting in a third low-frequency in-depth current. This type of current is well tolerated by the body and has an excellent therapeutic effect. The interference current has a beneficial effect on peripheral circulation and tissue metabolism, which creates conditions for anti-swelling and anti-inflammatory effects. Through these specifics of the interferential currents, faster bone healing in post-fracture conditions is achieved by accelerating blood flow, aiding analgesia, reducing the spastic muscle tone.

Common diseases where interferential currents are used are:

  • neuralgia
  • neuritis
  • plexitis
  • radiculitis
  • arthrosis
  • degenerative joint conditions — coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis
  • muscle aches and cramps
  • post-fracture conditions.


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