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Full body massage

Massage is an effective means of treating various injuries to reduce and completely suppress pain. This is achieved by immediate local mechanical action - spreading tissue fluids, stretching the skin. Mechanical irritation leads to the production of biologically active substances that enter the blood and lymph and have a beneficial effect on the whole body.

Be healthy and vibrant!

The main effect of the classic full body massage is:

-Improvement of hemodynamics;

-Movement of the lymph from the periphery to the regional lymph nodes, which helps to spread some pathological processes;

-Improves metabolic processes;

-Increases skin regeneration - ie the growth of the epidermis increases;

-Improves nerve conduction;

- Makes muscles more elastic and stretchy;

-Improves the elasticity of the joint capsule and ligaments;

-Regulates the function of excitation and retention in the cerebral cortex, in hyperactive people - relaxing techniques, in more lazy people - stimulating techniques;

-Removes the products obtained from fatigue and helps to eliminate them from the body;

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