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Massage is a mechanical irritation of the body surface by means of massage techniques. The massage requires a trained person who knows the physiology of the person, as well as the technique for performing the individual massage techniques.
Massage is a therapy that has no side effects - it does not intoxicate, does not lead to addiction and dependence and does not cause allergies.

When performing the massage:

The patient must have met certain requirements and have faith in the healing effect of the massage.
The massage is appointed by the respective doctor, the type of the massage, the duration, the area for the massage are specified.
The patient must be clean and observe basic hygiene requirements - the skin must be clean, without rashes, lichens, fungi and others.
The clothes should not interfere with the massage manipulations.
Only the area being worked on is detected.
The patient should be relaxed in order to be able to relax his muscles as much as possible.
Watches, rings and bracelets are unnecessary during the massage.
The most common is the classic massage, which uses different massage techniques. The effect of massage on the skin is to improve its elasticity, release pores and improve skin respiration. Deeper muscle massage leads to an increase in the tone and contractility of muscle fibers, and this leads to a faster elimination of metabolic substances from fatigue under the influence of massage. It also has an analgesic effect on the joint and ligament apparatus, improving its elasticity. It has an extremely regenerating effect on damaged bone tissue. The effect of massage on the cardiovascular system is to improve lymph circulation after massage, lymph and venous flow is enhanced, facilitating the normalization of pressure in the arterial flow. Affects fat metabolism and cell nutrition.

Therapeutic massage to improve the peristalsis of the small intestine and the work of the large intestine - the state of the digestive system depends on the proper and adequate movement of the intestine, and can cause other serious problems besides the usual "lazy intestines". Abdominal massage helps cleanse the body of toxins, protects against constipation and hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome. Improves the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract, the absorption of important trace elements and vitamins, and the normal functioning of the beneficial intestinal flora.

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