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Partial massage / back, collar, limbs /


Partial massage (back, collar, limbs)

This massage covers the upper part of the torso / body / in which through techniques of stroking, squeezing, rubbing, vibration and percussion techniques a reflex increase of the tone of the muscle fibers, increase of the lymph flow and blood circulation is achieved. It reduces nervous excitability and in many cases the moderate pain is eliminated / analgesic effect /.

The back massage includes the so-called massage collar, which covers part of the head, shoulder girdle and deltoid muscle.

In partial massage (back, collar, limbs), its main effect is:

-Improvement of hemodynamics;

-Movement of the lymph from the periphery to the regional lymph nodes, which helps to spread some pathological processes;

-Improves metabolic processes;

-Increases skin regeneration - ie the growth of the epidermis increases;

-Improves nerve conduction;

-Make muscles more elastic and stretchy;

-Improves the elasticity of the joint capsule and ligaments;

-Regulates the function of excitation and retention in the cerebral cortex, in hyperactive people - relaxing techniques, in more lazy people - stimulating techniques;

-Removes the products obtained from fatigue and helps to eliminate them from the body;

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